Yahoo Mega Account Creator

If you need mass yahoo accounts then yahoo account creator is best tool for you. It's a best tool for creating mass yahoo email account all your work done autopilot you just need to click a button then the bot start it's job.
yahoo account maker is an autopilot tool because of it's features yahoo email creator create 1000 yahoo new account in 1 hour. you can manually make an yahoo account in 5 - 10 minute but this bot create a yahoo account in 30-40 second and save your lot of time.

The latest version is v7.2.0 updated on November 2015

>> Read special tip in bottom of the page <<

> Randomly generate personal info

> Auto fill sign up form

Built in captcha  solver

> Proxy support

> Save list after successfully created accounts just click a button.

>>>  Yahoo Mega Accounts Creator In Action   <<<

How to use it?

It's very simple to use

* click on load proxy list

* Click start button

That's it.
You can minimize the program and it will continuously  create yahoo account.

      Put your proxy list in C:\Proxy.txt
      Your successfully created accounts save in C:\Email.txt

Yahoo Mega Account Creator v7.2.0 Updated November 2015


Hotmail Account Creator v3.7.8 Updated October 2015

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